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About the project

We will progress substantially beyond the current state-of-the-art understanding of the causes and consequences of the maintenance, loss and gain of biodiversity and ecological and economic value and the repercussions of this for the management and governance of European seas.

Involving 23 highly experienced partners, the project outputs and outcomes are based on developing and validating a set of ecological, economic and socio-cultural valuation tools using existing and new information and data in 12 Broad Belt Transect case studies.

These cover the breadth of European marine biodiversity, from the Arctic to semi-tropical areas, across dominant habitats and iconic species, and from shallow to deep areas and encompass a range of socio-economic contexts.

As such, and through stakeholder co-creation for policy relevance, MARBEFES shows the tools to value different natural capital resources and inform planning from financial allocations to management and with monetary and non-monetary benefits.

In this, the project advances our knowledge through linking marine biodiversity and its ecological structure and functioning to ecological and economic valuation.



Help us understand Gulf of Oristano!

Last update: 26.06.2024 by Paulina Pakszys
Help us understand Gulf of Oristano!
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Help us understand Morecambe Bay!

Last update: 11.06.2024 by Paulina Pakszys
Help us understand Morecambe Bay!
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numbers & facts

MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services


Project duration:

48 months


23 international partners


8 working packages

Total budget:

15 mln euro

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Results from Bioblitz in Sopot 2023

Sopot, 16-17 June 2023 Bioblitz 2023 was organized in the area of Park Północny (North Park) between Grodowy Stream and Swelina. On June 16, we focused on collecting materials, and on June 17, at the IO PAN garden located at Powstańców...

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MARBEFES 3rd General Assembly in Dublin – Ireland

On behalf of the General Project Coordinator - Jan Marcin Węsławski and Project Partner UCD - host of the meeting and organizing team, we would like to inform about the MARBEFES 3rd General Assembly in Dublin – Ireland, 22-24 October 2024.

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Supporting Ocean Literacy: “I live by the Sea” International Youth Photo and Film Contest

The “I live by the Sea” exhibition of the best photos, videos and stories by international young artists has been launched in Cretaquarium in Crete with our partner, HCMR, and will last until at least 14th July.

This competitio...

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