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Marbefes structure


MARBEFES is led by the Project General Coordinator (PGC), Jan Marcin Węsławski, who is responsible for the project and overall communication with the European Commission. She is supported in his day to day work by the two other members of the Management Team which are the Scientific Project Manager (SPM), Julie Bremner and the Project Manager (PM), Joanna Potrykus

The Project General Coordinator (PGC) is the legal representative of the Consortium and speaks on behalf of it.

Overall responsible for the smooth running of the project implementation and of the timely submission of high-quality deliverables. The GC is assisted by the Project Management Team (PMT). 

The Steering Committee (SC) makes common decisions on issues necessary for MARBEFES to meet its goals. The Steering Committee is composed of the Work Package leaders and PGS, PSM, PM.

The General Assembly is the major decision making body in MARBEFES, which at the meetings will include all project partners.


Steering Committee Members

PROJECT GENERAL COORDINATOR (PGC): Jan Marcin Węsławski (IO PAN), weslaw@iopan.pl

SCIENTIFIC PROJECT MANAGER (SPM): Julie Bremner (CEFAS), julie.bremner@cefas.co.uk

PROJECT MANAGER (PM): Joanna Potrykus (IO PAN), potrykus@iopan.pl

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WP1 – Herman Hummel (HuFoSS)
WP2 – Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas (KU)
WP3 – Marie Nordström (University of Helsinki) and Clement Garcia (CEFAS)
WP4 – Mike Elliott (IECS) and Tiziana Luisetti (CEFAS)
WP5 – Christos Arvanitidis and Cristina Huertas (LW ERIC)
WP6 – Sabine Cochrane and Charlotte Weber (APN)
WP7 – Tymon Zieliński (IO PAN)